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We are a group of diversified Jesus lovers who love nothing more than getting together to STUDY God’s word…We LOVE each other well. We CRY with one another when it’s called for. We WALK along side one another through good times and bad. Make NO mistake about it… we LAUGH often.
Jesus told us, to make disciples of all nations. One of the most important values of our church is the way we love one another (John 13:34-35).  It begins in our own back yards, with our next door neighbors, around our tables and spreads through-out our communities and overseas to every nation.
So we invite you to begin a journey of transformation with other women/couples by building friendships and engaging in community together through studies, workshops, outreaches, IF:LOZ (for women) and shared experiences.
No matter who you are or what your life looks like…there is ALWAYS room at our table for you!
Small Group studies are offered in various homes on a range of Biblical, parenting, and topical issues for women/couples of all ages and stages of spiritual growth. Keep an eye and ear to what, when and where for dates and times.
Contact Keri Major or Ashley Schulte for more info.


The IF:LOZ and IF:Gathering seeks to gather, equip, and unleash this generation of women to live out God’s calling on their lives. We are a generation of women that believes God at His Word that He called us to our places and will use us for His glory and for the good of His people. Our goal is to make the name of Jesus great in and through the women of our church, neighborhood, & city.

“And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we have seen his glory, glory as of the only Son from the Father, full of grace and truth.” John 1:14

What IF we lived like Jesus?
Contact Ashley Schulte, Emmy Zimmerman or Keri Major for more info.
Worship Ministry
Being committed to building God’s Kingdom, we are convinced that part of our purpose is to champion passionate, sweet and genuine worship of our Lord Jesus Christ at The Tree.
Committed to creating a musical expression with excellence that is almost uncomfortable in its uniqueness, our mission is to bring others to the feet of Jesus every time we GATHER together to worship His Holy Name.
God-honoring worship is something we strive for. There are many gifted people who know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they have been given the gift of music and still yet there are others who are just hearing His call on their lives.  Either way, our volunteers are an IMPORTANT part of God’s ministry in our church, using their talents and gifts to glorify God. 
If you feel the gift of music has been given to you and would like to inquire about being apart of the Worship Team, please contact Amy Clark.
The Tree Over Seas Missions:
How much of a difference can a week make?
More than you think!!
We partner with Missionaries, Chris and Maggie Hostetter in Papua Guinea and Brian and Brooke Johnson in The Philippines to share Jesus’ love with people around the world. Together, we can make a lasting impact in the countries and communities we serve both here and over there.
Jesus started one organization in His time on Earth—the local church. The local church is the hope of the world. And when we work together, we begin to see The Great Commission happening before our eyes.
‘Front Porch Village’ …
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Contact: Beth Coulter 573-286-1654
Our Mission: Front Porch Village is a non-profit planned tiny house community that believes everyone deserves a stable foundation. It will be  designed to meet the needs of single parent homes with children as well as any young adults under the age of twenty-one. We will also consider young single adults who are enrolled in college at least part-time pursuing a technical or college degree. We will provide affordable, sustainable, transitional or permanent housing within the Front Porch Village in Camden County. We will also provide the necessary tools and programs to help restore them into self-sustainable individuals or family units. It is our desire to give individuals or families a hand up, not a hand out.
Our long-term vision is to build a Tiny House Community (Front Porch Village) where our desire will be to give them a hand-UP; not a hand-OUT.  Where they can live in community together and thrive.  We are in the process of implementing a series of strategies designed to aid in this process.  It will take a village to build a village!  Ask how you can be apart of this project.
Contact: Jason Coulter 573-286-8431
Who are your people?
We know it’s important to be connected, but it’s hard to build lasting friendships. What if taking one simple step…changed everything?
At The Tree, we know that when you get together with people and have fun, you’ll begin to grow into a strong community that serves and grows together.
What if you are one step away from saying…
“These are my people”?
Prayerfully, this group has been formed to provide men, accountability, encouragement, insight and constructive criticism through our manhood journey using rock solid biblical guidelines as our meter stick.
Pursing male significance in a community of other men. Become the man, husband, and father God designed you to be. Then invest in other men, influencing them so they can be ALL that God has for them to be as well.
No matter who you are or what your life looks like, you are welcome here!
Acts 11:23-24
Watch for dates and times for our NEXT men’s group!


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Our desire is for our students to be passionate followers of Jesus Christ in their EVERY DAY lives. We want to engage them in God’s word through student led curriculum that will inspire and draws them into deeper conversations with one another and with God. We aspire to do this through passionate worship on Sunday mornings, engaging God talks on Wednesday nights and awesome small group conversations, and of course a ton of fun we hope to experience with them along the way. Students are encouraged to bring friends always.  
1 Timothy 4:12



Every Sunday all children (Pre-School through 3rd grade) experience a safe, age-appropriate environment where the Bible is taught in a creative and relevant way.

The Bible is the most amazing book ever written! We strive to bring its stories to life through activities and discussions that keep children engaged. We want all children to love God’s word and understand the value of applying it to their lives.
Kids love fun! We realize that when children have fun at church, they can’t wait to come back. We value creating fun ways for children to learn about Jesus, including worshiping in adult service, playing games, activities, and participating in live skits.
Deuteronomy 6:6-9
Contact: Keri Major for more info.


Our Marriages are VITAL

Marriages can be difficult to maintain. Misunderstanding, confusion, resentment, and anger can flare up in any marriage. We want couples at our church to serve one another and other families as marriage accountability partners. Their role in listening, understanding, helping, and encouraging struggling couples plays a vital role not only in the overall health of their families but also as a church family as a whole.  By God’s grace, marriages can be turned around, repaired and saved. Relationships with one another can become better than ever.  Couples can then have fresh healing, hope and new joy in a warm and fulfilling relationship with their spouse.  If you are interested in seeking an accountability couple or couples please let us know. Or if you feel that God is calling you to be that accountability couple, again we would love for you to embrace your place in that role.
Young Life is for everyone who wants to get the most out of life. Whether you are in high school or college; whatever your interests or abilities; no matter who you hang out with — Young Life welcomes you! And if you’re a parent, or simply an adult who cares about kids in your community, Young Life welcomes your involvement.
Every adolescent will have the opportunity to meet Jesus Christ and follow Him.
For more information contact:
Emmy & Jeremy Zimmerman

Prayer Warriors

Prayer cannot be overestimated. Prayer moves the hand of God. Our Church is a body of believers dependent upon prayer and committed to God’s sovereignty. Each Sunday, during the morning service, a team of volunteers is praying for the ministry of the Word. Throughout the week, volunteers from our Prayer Warriors team pray for their pastor, a list of church members, any special requests, and missionary prayer needs.
If you feel you have a gift of lifting others up in prayer and would like to join the prayer team, please contact Randi Fowler.